The Balance

>Scene 1

[Sad is standing and leaning on the opened entrance of the bedroom door, sight-seeing it’s human sound asleep while trying to have a bound conversation with happy.]

 Sad: Do you remember when you feed me the aggravated pursuit of happiness?  (Sad laughs cynically)

 You thrived to find true happiness. Nevertheless, you missed every single time because your thoughts it is the goal to live. Where you had a goal by the throat only to realize it is a journey.

Happy: you acting all verily to how sure you thought you were, did you not give our human the uncertainties of life and made her bleed to death on the bathing tub.

[Happy has a Stan look at sad expecting sad to think out loud and explain himself.]

Sad: You know, how I made her feel was for no apparent reason at all. For clarity, she slept most of the time which enabled our human not to argue or get angry with nobody, Ohh! They ate less maintaining their physic, well! In addition to that they were able to finally manage their time with themselves and stopped seeing the toxic friends; to add it all up I assisted in solving most of the problems with tears.

[Happy squinted their face in protest of what his ears were being tortured and filled with unbelievable information. Happy demeanour configuring how heretic the being conversing with him is. ]

Happy: You still the same vindicate, the hateful person I know. Hahaha! So, you think you helping our parent. All you do is drown her. She feeds us the best way she knows how. Do you ever sit down and think what would be the root cause of her feeding you to the brim and cause you to regurgitate in the process.

Let me walk you down the memory lane of her experience to offering you a piece of her soul to you.

She lost her favourite human to death, had a miscarriage and the night to her husband’s death, she found out her best friend had an affair with the husband. She was dealing with two losses. Her situation was stressful enough for you to creep up on her and decides she got to feed you. You more of a parasite, you can’t feed your own all you do is drain the living out of them.

Sad: You think I care, what of you since you all got at the passing judgment. You feed her extreme and unlimited positivity, which you is a blinding factor for living in a bubble of hopefulness. OH! I forgot you also give our human the notion of  “Do not worry be happy bullshit”, To simplify your thoughts cause I see you butting your eyelids and folding your arms showing me you defensive. I will upload a table into your database.

Illustrated as below:

Toxic PositivityNon-Toxic Acceptance & Validation
“Don’t think about it, stay positive!”“Describe what you’re feeling, I’m listening.”
“Don’t worry, be happy!”“I see that you’re really stressed, anything I can do?”
“Failure is not an option.”“Failure is a part of growth and success.”
“Everything will work out in the end.”“This is really hard, I’m thinking of you.”
“Positive vibes only!”“I’m here for you both good and bad.”
“If I can do it, so can you!”“Everyone’s story, abilities, limitations are different, and that’s okay
“Delete Negativity”“Suffering is a part of life, you are not alone.”
“Look for the silver lining.”“I see you. I’m here for you.”
“Everything happens for a reason.”“Sometimes we can draw the short straw in life. How can I support you during this hard time?”
“It could be worse.”“That sucks. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.”

[A flash of guilt engulfed happy’s eyes and a cocky sneer on sad’s face. The room was pin-drop silence and the parent had woken up from her nap. She opened her mouth only to close it after. She was in a reverie of what to speak without causing havoc between two of her emotional babies.]

Parent: sit with me and apologies to each other. (The two youngling seek an apology and sat to listen)  

Parent: You are both important to me since the low in our lives helps define the highs and everything worthwhile in life is won through surmounting the associated negative experience. Expecting pure bliss makes us adopt the unrealistic view of the world and only hurts us in the long-term. “True happiness and true emotional intelligence require that we see the gifts in every emotion, not just joy and pleasure, but also temporary pain and suffering. When we acknowledge these inevitable ebbs and flows of life it becomes a lot easier to ride from one to the next.

“Any attempt to escape the negative, to avoid it or quash it or silence it, only backfires. The avoidance of suffering is a form of suffering. The avoidance of struggle is a struggle. The denial of failure is a failure. Hiding what is shameful is itself a form of shame”